The House

2000 Remodel (Remodel on Purchase)
The BEFORE pictures were taken during the home inspection in November of 2000. The AFTER pictures were taken in June of 2001.

Backyard (15 x 2 pictures - 858k)
Guest House (17 x 2 pictures - 889K)
Hall (3 pictures)
Guest Bedroom (3 pictures)
Basement (5 pictures)
Kitchen (10 pictures)
Living Room (7 pictures)
Master Bedroom (7 pictures)
Office (4 pictures)
Outside (16 x 2 pictures - 622k)
For those of you with low bandwidth or a short attention span (even though those are in inherent conflict), I have put up a page of my favorite (i.e., most dramatic changes) picture sets here.

2007/2008 Bathroom Remodel
To see the same shot, taken every day, go here ... but it is A LOT of pictures, so be warned.
For interim pages with details, try the November Page, the December Page, and the January Page.