The House - Backyard

This is the master bathroom window and the french doors between the master bedroom and the back yard. Notice the lovely clothes lines running all over. Also, if you look closely, you can see that he had 3 Kryptonite bicycle locks making sure that you would never be able to exit through the door. Believe it or not, that was not the main fire hazard after all. We learned shortly before conclusion of construction, that the bedroom doors opened out. He need to have installed them upside down and backwards to pull that off. As such, they would open about one inch (out) before they would crash into the gates. The last construction thing we did was have them reinstalled properly, so they open into the bedroom, allowing access to the gate.
About a 90 degree shift from the prior picture, you can see where those doors go. The clotheslines become less of a focus as you note the dirt lawn, random garbage stored in the back, and the Ivy slowly eating away at the workshop.(Updated Feb 3, 2003)
We kept this bench (but painted it). Turns out, those stumps were being used for chairs --- now they are probably paper somewhere. I wonder how much time and effort maintaining a dirt lawn took. We also had to dispose of the garbage he had stored here.
This is a dog run. We had to re-vent the crawlspaces, remove the cable tv wires running all around the outside, and replace the fence door at the end with one that worked. We also had to dispose of the garbage he had stored here.(Updated Feb 3, 2003)
This is a picture of the walkway leading to the dog run. Its a closer shot than those in the second picture. We had the ivy removed, the planter stucco'd peach, the crawlspace revented, and we planted. We figured, it was time to plant anyway, as his ladder-tree (on the left - in the planter) seemed to be fully grown. In January 2003 we had the area bricked so that it would grade downward away from the house.(Updated Feb 3, 2003)
This is another angle of the workshop. It is a basement and first floor (because that's how the bureaucrats want it), so it has a planter. Make believe that the flowers you see out of the window are actually in the ground - so it's a basement! You can also see one of the security lights - we had those installed all around the house, so if you walk around the house, a light will pop on in front of you automatically. This one likes to pop on randomly the middle of the night, to make sure that our hearts start pumping really fast.(Updated Feb 3, 2003)
Same view - I assume you would all agree that the ladder-tree looks ripe enough.
The rest of the backyard, taken from next to the planter. We got rid of the swings and slide since we don't want to encourage juvenile visitors. We also had to get rid of his garbage (do you notice a common theme on this topic?)
The rest of the backyard, taken from the door of the workshop.
This is the door to the workshop. The trail of pavers leads to the kitchen french doors.
The left window has been removed so that we could install sliding glass doors in place of the wall. The other window is the master bathroom window.
Everything from (and including) the door to the window has been removed. You can now see how the window has been removed and installed french doors (the door is open, but the screen is closed).
This is the wood fence between us and our neighbor to the south.
This is the walkway to the south of the house. It has the water heater and the chimney. We have since put down gravel, since this is also where the utility meter readers need to tread.(Updated Feb 3, 2003)
These are our cable lines, power lines, and phone lines, all running over the backyard. We didn't notice that due to the tree.