The House - Favorites

This is another angle of the workshop. It is a basement and first floor (because that's how the bureaucrats want it), so it has a planter. Make believe that the flowers you see out of the window are actually in the ground - so it's a basement!
The rest of the backyard, taken from next to the planter. We got rid of the swings and slide since we don't want to encourage juvenile visitors.
Everything from (and including) the door to the window has been removed.
The deathtrap staircase was also given the minimum attention by the seller. This has since been carpeted and a solid banister put in.
This is another view of the workshop, showing the whole front.
This is the kitchen from the dining room. The wall, door and window in the back have been removed and sliding glass doors have been put in; the island has been removed, and tile has replaced the linoleum. True to form, the seller, when he remodeled the kitchen way back, put the only light switch next to that door. The problem is, that door goes out to the backyard and is the furthest point in the kitchen from the actual kitchen door.
Virtually nothing you see here is the same. The old stove has been disposed of, the island removed, the range hood removed, the window removed, and the 2 closets (which housed his washer/dryer and ironing board) have been replaced with pantrys.
This is the outside of the house. You can start to see that the hedges were about 20 feet high (notice them compared to the ford explorer). The trees were removed, the hedges cut to normal size, this fence removed, and the sidewalk on the other side of the fence removed.
No more sidewalk ... now it is about 7 square pavers.
The front door in its old location. It has been painted white and moved to where the gulag gate opening is.
Dirt lawn. We had to remove the trees and bushes to get some sunlight, and then have it rototilled, sprinkers installed, and grass laid down.