The House - Kitchen

This is the kitchen from the dining room. The wall, door and window in the back have been removed and sliding glass doors have been put in; the island has been removed, and tile has replaced the linoleum. True to form, the seller, when he remodeled the kitchen way back, put the only light switch next to that door. The problem is, that door goes out to the backyard and is the furthest point in the kitchen from the actual kitchen door.
This lineoleum was removed and replaced by a pinkish terra-cotta type tile.
Nothing in this view has changed really. Since granite is counter-top of choice these days, it didn't make sense to do anything but leave it alone. I got that microwave back in 1984 - I wonder how much radiation it leaks now.
This window faces our neighbor to the south and is directly over the kitchen sink.
This is the same window, but from a little further back.
This range hood has been removed - it was horrible feng shui. The wiring was removed and we no longer have any range hood since we bought an Amana downdraft over.
Virtually nothing you see here is the same. The old stove has been disposed of, the island removed, the range hood removed, the window removed, and the 2 closets (which housed his washer/dryer and ironing board) have been replaced with pantrys (viewable in the next picture).
You can see his ironing board in the right closet. The right closet was rebuilt to have movable shelves. The larger closet on the right had the utility intakes sealed off and had heavy duty shelves installed.
The refrigerator is the only appliance we kept (despite having paid for them all). The wine rack also remains, but we had a smoked latchable cover put in front, in case of earthquake.
This is the kitchen, as it was, from the far wall. You will note that there is no lightswitch by the kitchen door.
This is the kitchen with the new recessed lighting [01/2003]