The House - Living Room

Because we did so much work, people always assume we vaulted the ceiling. No - the house came vaulted. The living room gets LOTS of light and has a nice open feel. People say it is the best room in the house, and Joelle and Ira never spend any time there. Ira never even walks though. This is the ceiling window facing west.
This is the back of the living room, entering into the dining room. The columns have been removed.
The fireplace as it was. The same stone flooring as is in the bathrooms and entryway forms the base of the fireplace. The plant is blocking a Ring Collar which is sitting in the fireplace. The fireplace needed $500 of repairs.
[I did not get an after shot]
The east half of the living room. The old front door would be just to the right of this view.
The east half of the living room and the dining room. You can see the seller at the end of the table, and his agent, Rosalie, facing the camera.
Most of the living room. For sizing, there are 4 cross beams.