The House - Master Bedroom & Bath

This is the master bathroom from the master bedroom.
We hate this tomb shower and wanted to change it, but everyone thought we were doing FAR too much necessary work to add on something cosmetic like that on the first round. The shower nozzle has been replaced with one that aims straight down from the center.
The master bathroom has a Jacuzzi tub - which was one of the things we loved when we bought the house. The shower curtain is gone, as is the little shower nozzle. A towel rack has been installed as has a timer.
This is the master bedroom taken from the master bathroom.
The desk is interesting. It prevented us from opening the doors. Had we done so, we would have learned that the doors open out. That is, one inch out, because then they hit the metal gates. One of the last remodel things we did was had the doors flipped so that they open in, so that it is possible to exit from the master bedroom to the back yard. Those 2 closets are Ira's.
This big huge closet is Joelle's and it has 2 shelves built on top for storage, 2 on the bottom for shoes, and the middle has a 4 drawer chest and then 4 very large shelves.
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The rest of the master bedroom from in front of the french doors.
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The rest of the master bedroom from in front of the door.
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The master bedroom french doors, looking out at the back yard.
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The corner of the bedroom with the french doors and one of Ira's bedroom closets.
Some of the original molding. You can't see the detail in the picture, though.