The House - Master Bath Remodel 2007 - DECEMBER

December 1 -> December 4

October 31, 2007December 1, 2007December 3, 2007December 4, 2007

December 1

  • Focused on running electrical wires and installing junction boxes
  • Put up support backing in wall by tub (picture)
  • Framed the shower storage niches (picture)
  • Put up the vent/light/heater (picture)
  • Installed the plug and component boxes (picture)
  • Installed backing to support towel rack
  • Reframed wall to allow for access panel to repair tub (picture)

  • The outside/roof ...

    Lots of work stuff ...

    Light/Heat/Vent Unit

    Downdraft vent has been reinstalled

    Access panel can be installed

    Working on the component/power

    Towel rack supports

    Shower storage niches

    Electric/Component in Closet

    Calling it a night

    December 3

  • Inspection for the wiring/piping.
  • Installed rear wall (bottom is permanent, top is temporary)
  • Rejoined the vent pipe behind the vanity
  • Hooked up the heater/vent exhaust to the roof vent
  • Purchased "air tight" lights (and will swap out existing cans)

  • December 4

  • Ken Colgan (plumber) rerouting and reattaching bath vent pipe (original pipe cut away as was in the way of the future bathtub access panel)
  • Ken also doing additional plumbing for the shower.
  • Installed all of the "air tight" lights
  • Insulated sink wall
  • More electrical work
  • Moved the sconce lights over to make room for the mirror
  • Cut out second shower storage shelf
  • Permanently installed Cut out second shower storage shelf
  • Did a lot more framing of the wall by the tub
  • Finished installing shower/toilet side wall

  • December 5 -> December 7

    October 31, 2007December 5, 2007December 6, 2007
    December 7, 2007

    December 5

  • Another wall and a half has been insulated (only the wall next to the bedroom remains)
  • Framed the shower bench
  • Framed some of the shower
  • Installed all 6 lights
  • Installed the window!
  • Installed the shower control fixture
  • Finished installing all electrical outlet boxes (including the outlet which will be in a drawer in the vanity)

  • December 6

  • Framed the tub
  • Built the shower bench
  • Built the separating wall next to the vanity
  • Secured for the rain

  • Rain ...

    ... is ...

    ... coming

    December 7

  • Finished building the shower bench
  • Finished building the shower wall
  • Began reframing where the shelves will go.
  • Granite guys came
  • Poured the concrete in the shower

  • December 8 -> December 12

    October 31, 2007December 8, 2007December 11, 2007December 12, 2007

    December 8

  • Repaired the inside of a kitchen cabinet (needed to unframe for medicine cabinet; and there was a very old patch in the back).
  • Waterproofing shower (Mer-Kreet Hydro-Shield on top of Mer-Kreet Reinforcing Fabric; 2 coats) - Progress shots below.
  • Ran power to ventilate bathroom / sealed off bedroom door.
  • Finished work needed for monday's inspection

  • December 10

  • Inspection for the rough framing (passed)
  • One more coat of waterproofing (third coat)
  • Repaired all external work holes
  • Filled in back of medicine cabinet
  • Installed vent under kitchen

  • December 11

  • Pulled the rest of the electricity to their boxes
  • More patching and sanding in kitchen cabinet
  • Ran electrical for tub
  • One more coat of waterproofing (fourth coat)
  • Insulated ceiling
  • Insulated wall next to the toilet
  • Started installing ceiling
  • Installed various walls (see pictures above)

  • December 12

  • Drywalling the walls and ceiling
  • They were in the kitchen again
  • Poured cement floor for shower (on top of 4 coats of waterproofing; on top of 1 cement base)
  • Hooked up the vent/heater

  • December 13 -> December 15, 2007

    October 31, 2007December 13, 2007December 14, 2007December 15, 2007

    December 13

  • Since I was home all day, I know exactly what they did :) ...
  • Finished patching holes in large kitchen cabinet and Kitchen Wall
  • Painted kitchen wall and large cabinet
  • Cut out service panel in bottom of large kitchen cabinet
  • Installed the vanity shell
  • Drywalled more walls
  • Began roofing so they don't have to hang plastic each time they call for rain
  • Caesar the Granite Guy came to measure
  • Papered / Prepared / Sealed up the roof area with cement & stucco

  • Access Panel

    Electric/Water/Vent for Tub

    Working in the Access Panel

    Working in the Access Panel

    Lots of supplies

    Ceasar measuring

    December 14

  • Primed the stucco patches outside
  • Taped all the seams for all the drywall installed to date
  • Cemented the shower walls
  • Separated out the light controls (previously, all 5 lights turned on from the same switch).

  • December 15

  • Cemented one shower wall
  • Installed protective cover for outside plug
  • Installed the limestone tub top
  • Cut and installed the limestone vanity top
  • Installed bathroom sink (not hooked up)
  • Installed most of the splashguard for vanity (one side needs to be tiled first)
  • Sealed the granite in the kitchen
  • Installed granite windowsill in the kitchen
  • Cut and installed replacement piece for missing bullnose in kitchen granite
  • Glued the loose kitchen granite countertop down
  • Put the shingles on the bathroom roof
  • General

    The tub limestone is installed

    Plug for the tankless is now protected


    Second coat of cement for the shower

    Second coat of cement for the shower

    Second coat of cement for the shower

    Second coat of cement for the shower

    Second coat of cement for the shower


    Vanity top ready for cutting

    Setting up the sink template

    Granite guys

    Cutting out the sink stencil

    Cutting out the sink stencil

    Cutting out the sink stencil

    Cutting out the sink stencil

    Cutting out the sink stencil

    Cutting out the sink stencil

    The granite guys

    Fine tuning the limestone

    Installing plywood top on vanity

    Installing plywood top on vanity

    Plywood top on vanity

    The plywood with room for the sink

    Plywood, Limestone, and Sink installed


    New window sill for kitchen

    Original owner never glued down one of the marble slabs!

    Window sill ready for new granite

    Window sill ready for new granite

    Installing the window sill



    Starting to roof

    Bottom row of shingles

    John ensures the first row is perfect

    December 17 -> December 19

    October 31, 2007December 17, 2007December 18, 2007December 19, 2007

    December 17

  • Cemented the other shower wall
  • Sealed off bathroom (previously, they came and went by the tub)
  • Insulated the newly sealed off wall
  • Drywalled the shower storage nooks
  • More taping

  • December 18

  • Finished Drywalling the Bathroom
  • Corner Beading and Taping the Bathroom
  • Repaired all affected kitchen walls (Kitchen is on other side of the bathroom hammering)
  • Maybe nothing else ... it rained all day, meaning they could not cut anything or go in and out much.

  • December 19

  • Sealed outside walls and prepared for stuccoing
  • Ken (plumber) measured and marked locations for faucets and handles to be cut into the limestone
  • Started tiling the shower

  • December 20 -> December 22

    October 31, 2007December 20, 2007December 21, 2007December 22, 2007

    December 20

  • A little more tiling of the shower

  • December 21

  • A little more tiling of the shower
  • Patched and painted the rest of the kitchen walls which had cracked
  • Worked on installing some junction boxes behind the television

  • December 22

  • Yet more tiling of the shower
  • Drilled holes in the limestone for the handles on the tub and sink
  • Installed the remaining limestone backsplashes for the tub and sink
  • Installed additional granite in the kitchen
  • Reworked the granite next to the window (the window wouldn't close all the way)
  • Punched out the 3rd box behind the bedroom TV; ran cable; closed up the wall.
  • Bedroom Wall

    3 Input/Output Boxes

    Hole on the other side to feed wires


    Before Backsplash

    After Backsplash

    Before Backsplash

    After Backsplash


    Shelf for the laser level

    Shower Tiling!

    Shower Tiling!

    Shower Tiling!

    December 23 -> December 26

    October 31, 2007December 23, 2007December 24, 2007December 26, 2007

    December 23

  • Yet more tiling of the shower
  • Some wall repair in the bedroom in preparation for drilling for the speakers
  • Bedroom

    December 24

  • Yet more tiling of the shower
  • Finished wall repair in the bedroom in preparation for drilling for the speakers
  • Ken (plumber) hooked up the tub valves and drain
  • The jacuzzi tub has been installed
  • Shower


    Tub Installation


    December 26

  • Yet more tiling of the shower
  • Applied first layer of stucco to the outside
  • Started building the medicine cabinet
  • Glass man showed up to take measurements
  • Finished up the bedroom patching and A/V hookup
  • Shower

    Bedroom & A/V

    Medicine Cabinet

    December 27 -> December 29

    October 31, 2007December 27, 2007December 28, 2007December 29, 2007

    December 27

  • Yet more tiling of the shower
  • Shower floor has been tiled
  • Finished framing and drywalling the medicine cabinet
  • Started patching and taping the bathroom
  • Started patching and taping a bunch of rooms
  • Started grouting (the glass guy is coming tomorrow to install, so needed to grout where he would work)
  • Shower

    Dining Room

    December 28

  • Finished tiling the shower
  • Glass shower walls/door installed
  • Patched 3rd coat in kitchen and dining room & sanded
  • Maid came (see the immediately preceding entry)
  • Second coat of stucco
  • Nailed down the base molding in the kitchen
  • Shower




    December 29

  • Sanded and primed patches they made to the bedroom and office yesterday
  • Taped the bathroom (note the shower and tub are covered)
  • Touchups on the stucco (visible from the shots, above)
  • Fixed the kitchen cabinet which wasn't closing (realigned and added another magnet)
  • Grouted the shower (?? - I can't get in to see)

  • The floor tiles have arrived

    Closet being taped

    December 30 -> December 31

    October 31, 2007December 30, 2007December 31, 2007

    December 30

  • Put on a third coat of drywall mud in the bathroom and closet
  • Taped the second floor back-house window

  • December 31

  • Sanded and primed the bathroom (took 3 coats of primer)
  • Painted the master bedroom ceiling
  • Painted the master bedroom closet
  • Replaced the cover on the outdoor outlet
  • Installed the other end of the component cable in the shoe closet
  • Installed the outlet in the shoe closet
  • (I hung the Master Bedroom speakers)

  • Protecting the bedroom during sanding
    of the bathroom and closet.
    Notice the ceiling.

    Speakers are up.
    Ceiling has been painted.

    Painted shoe closet so ...

    .. component and power installed.

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