The House - Master Bath Remodel 2007 - NOVEMBER

October 31, 2007 -> November 3

October 31, 2007November 1, 2007November 2, 2007November 13, 2007

November 3 -> November 15

To the East (Back Yard)

To the East (Back Yard). Tape Measure reads 3 feet.

To the North (Bedroom)

To the North (Bedroom). Tape Measure at the first board is 4' 8"

To the South (Dining Room)

To the South (Dining Room)

Demolition for the most part, but also major reinforcements.

If you look at the 11/2 vs. 11/13 pictures, above, you can see that all the floor boards have been doubled up.

But the real work went into digging a 3 foot deep foundation to support the bathroom ... shown below. Taken on 11/13/2007.

November 15th

Ken Colgan, our plumber, has started repiping the bathroom - the drain lines have been moved up to 4 inches, and the cleanout extended beyond the 3 food build-out; pipes are being moved; vent lines installed ...

Suprise of the Day? John Deckaushar, our contractor, has reclaimed the closet which he was going to convert (mostly) into bathroom space. Didn't expect him to do it this quickly. Joelle will now have a shoe closet, since the remaining closet is 11 inches deep. Didn't expect that today, or so fast.

November 16 -> November 21

October 31, 2007November 16, 2007November 17, 2007November 21, 2007

November 16th

  • Big day ... first, they poured the concrete. There is a foundation around the new addition, and under the North and South walls. There are also additional footers poured under the dining room and under the tub.

  • Things may slow down a little since the concrete has to dry, but knowing John ... probably not :)

  • Ken continued the repiping and venting. Ken will resume work on Monday.

    Suprise of the Day? Ken took out our hot water heater (less than 1 year old ... oh well) and replaced it with a tankless system. They really hustled because they knew the golden rule "never leave us without power, gas, or hot/cold water overnight."

  • November 17th

  • Spent the day removing the forms for the concrete foundation and cutting away framing which was no longer needed.
  • Ran some 1-1/2" conduit under the house to carry low voltage wires.
  • Began adding all the braces and wood to tie to the new concrete foundation.

  • November 20th and 21st

  • The extra 3 foot pushout now has crossbeam supports
  • All the hot water pipes have been insulated and the gas line has been moved.
  • The backhouse toilet has been repaired
  • The jumble of pipe outside the kitchen (probably was a whole-house water system) has been removed.
  • Re-routing and re-circuiting power has started, and 1 light can is up
  • A plug in the backyard has been installed.
  • Starting to make the walls and ceiling plumb.
  • Above the tub cabinets (Thomasville x 2) have been ordered
  • Current goal is to call for an inspector on Monday to inspect all the piping so they can lay a floor.

  • It takes a LOT of
    time to board
    up every night

    Back house is full of supplies and parts.

    November 23 - 26th

    October 31, 2007November 23, 2007November 24, 2007November 26, 2007

    November 23rd

  • Ken (plumber) popped by --- seems he found some galvanized pipe in the kitchen while cleaning out the old softener ... which was mostly clogged and is now copper; we also did a main line cleanout just for the heck of it.
  • The bathroom walls are being strengthened and fastened to the floor joists ... will take a few days to fur the walls to be perfectly even.
  • Protective metal plates have been installed over all the pipes.
  • A second lighting can has been installed
  • Almost every wall joist has been married to another board/doubled up.

  • Shots of the reinforced floor
    under tub.

    November 24th

  • Added an outlet under the kitchen sink for "InstaHot"
  • Added an outside outlet for the tankless water heater
  • Ran all the electrical to the bathroom and kitchen
  • Continued to reinforce the flooring and walls; additional floor and wall supports added
  • Re-routed vent pipe to make room for access panel (you can see it turning)
  • Continued to fir the walls to make them straight (seen as time progresses as lighter wood being added near darker wood)

  • The wires feeding the bathroom

    The wires feeding the bathroom
    (Top Hole)

    The wires feeding the bathroom
    (Bottom Hole)

    Busting out under the kitchen sink

    Starting to wire for Instahot

    Almost done wiring for Instahot

    The new instahot plug

    Outlet for the tankless water heater

    Closing up for the night

    Closing up for the night

    November 26th

  • Finished all below-ground plumbing because ...
  • ... inspected by the City, with water pipe pressure test - passed without question
  • "InstaHot" has been installed in the kitchen (pictured below)
  • Garbage Disposal has been replaced (pictured below)
  • Installed outside plug for the tankless heater (so the orange extension cord, above, is now gone)
  • Started laying plastic sheeting and floor insulation (pictured below)

  • Instahot (leftmost handle)

    Instahot and Garbage Disposal

    Plastic and Insulation

    Super reinforced floor for the tub

    Super reinforced floor for the tub

    November 27 -> 30

    October 31, 2007November 27, 2007November 28, 2007November 29, 2007

    November 27th

  • Insulated entire floor and started laying the sub-floor
  • Made room for the downdraft oven vent pipe, and hooked it up (it had to be moved)
  • Continued work on the electricity

  • We almost ...

    ... have ...

    ... a (sub) floor!

    Electric in all its glory

    Backyard is one ...

    ... big storage area

    November 29th

  • Removed all old electrical switches, outlets, and appliances (light/heat/vent)
  • Began installing roof
  • Installed junction boxes for the lighting sconces
  • Installed outlet next to toilet
  • Finished installing and wiring ceiling lights
  • All wiring for lights installed
  • Sealed everything up for tomorrows rain.
  • (NOTE: The pictures for today show walls; those are not the walls - those are from sealing up for the night).

  • November 30th

  • Installed shower piping and drain
  • Ran new heat/vent hose
  • Fir'ed the ceiling to make it level
  • Detailed how the shower will be set up

  • Shower control

    Shower drain



    Roof & Tails

    Fir'ed Ceiling & Conduit
    Dark wood is original wood
    Light wood is the wood
    installed to fir
    the ceiling.

    Fir'ed Ceiling & Conduit

    Fir'ed Ceiling & Conduit
    The Light Gray Conduit
    is the new conduit
    for the new heater/vent

    Fir'ed Ceiling & Conduit

    Roof & Tails

    Roof & Tails

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