The House - Master Bath Remodel 2007 - JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2008

January 10 -> January 17

October 31, 2007January 10, 2008January 16, 2008January 31, 2008

February 6, 2008

  • Applied second coat of paint to dining room crack
  • Applied second coat of enamel paint to the metal gates in back
  • Painted over the caulked crack in the front of the house
  • Finished building shoe closet
  • Fastened the crawlspace door so animals cannot get in

  • Shoe closet

    Shoe closet

    Shoe closet

    Fastened Crawlspace

    Shiny metal grates

    Caulked Crack

    Bye Bye Permit

    Bye Bye Portapotty

    February 5, 2008

  • Sanded, primed, applied 1 coat of paint to dining room crack
  • Applied 1 coat of enamel paint to the metal gates in back
  • Caulked a crack in the front of the house
  • Continued building shoe closet

  • Shoe closet with all shelves installed, and the back painted

    February 4, 2008

  • Patched crack in Dining Room
  • Planed Kitchen Door to fit in door frame
  • Planed Hallway Closet Door to fit in door frame
  • Started Building Shoe Closet

  • Shoe closet with no paint, and only the bottom shelf installed

    January 31

  • Installed Cabinet Hardware
  • Touched up the grouting in the shower
  • Installed the medicine cabinet

  • Medicine Cabinet

    Vanity door hardware

    January 17

  • Touched up the paint outside the house
  • Touched up the grouting in the bathroom
  • Cut up, and removed, the gravity heater which was stuck in the 'basement' probably since 1926
  • Added reinforced support (concrete footing attached with rebar and new support beam) below the center of the house
  • Repaired the bottom step in the 'basement'

  • Cut up gravity heater.

    Where the heater USED to be

    New Footing Installed.

    Repaired the bottom step.

    January 16

  • Continued reinforcing the south side of the house
  • Replaced all of the south side vents with larger more modern vents
  • Stucco'd around the new vents
  • Installed all of the light switches in the bathroom
  • Installed the transition threshold from the bedroom carpet to the tile
  • Installed the articulating arm and television

  • TV Arm in Process ...

    TV installed!

    The shoe closet where
    the connections go (before).

    The shoe closet where
    the connections go (after).

    Transition threshhold installed.

    New ...

    ... vents ...

    and stucco

    Back yard ...

    ... is now ...

    a lot cleaner!

    January 15

  • Reinforced under the south side of the house (oldest side of the house). Basically, since this is the part which was built in 1926, they wanted to shore it up. Additional wood blocks, measured for each beam, were hammered into place between the footing and each support beam and then screwed in. This was done in an area so small you are on your stomach. These guys work hard.
  • Touched up some unrelated outside cracks

  • January 10

  • Continued installing cabinets
  • Painted ceiling where patched
  • Installed security bars

  • January 7 -> January 9

    October 31, 2007January 7, 2008January 8, 2008January 9, 2008

    January 9

  • Installed different types of motion detector switches for the inspector
  • Moved one of the lights, and patched the ceiling
  • Installed a door stop
  • Began installing the two cabinets (below)
  • Finished installing the vent/heater/light unit
  • Ken Colgan (plumber) drilled a little of the tile/cement to allow the 6" shower pipe to fit
  • Ken replaced the shower drain to one with a matching finish
  • Ken sent a camera down the main line to see if its clear

  • January 8

  • Installed the sconces
  • Installed remaining light switches and outlets for inspection
  • Sanded all doors in the house which did not close properly
  • Installed new door hardware on bedroom door
  • Cut open ceiling to move light due to cabinet installation.

  • January 7

  • Painted the outside of the bathroom
  • Installed the smoke detector in the bedroom
  • Installed the light covers in the bathroom
  • Installed the outlet next to the toilet
  • Installed the mirror
  • Installed more of the vanity drawers and cover
  • Partially installed the door handle
  • Did some more painting in the bathroom

  • Plug by the toilet

    Lighting Enclosures

    Lighting Enclosures

    Lighting Enclosures

    January 2 -> January 4

    October 31, 2007January 2, 2008January 3, 2008January 4, 2008

    January 2

  • John (contractor) noticed one light out of alignment; so they cut open the ceiling, realigned, and patched.
  • Put the hardybacker up to seal the tub bottom
  • Installed most of the bathroom floor

  • Fixed the light.

    Floor by the toilet

    Floor between the door and tub

    Floor between the tub and the vanity

    Most of the bathroom floor

    January 3

  • Tiled the side of the tub
  • Painted the walls and ceiling (first coat)
  • Grouted

  • Backhouse is looking ...

    ... better than it did.

    January 4

  • Second coat of paint
  • Installed base molding
  • Sanded the bathroom door so it closes
  • Installed matching Oil Rubbed Bronze door hinges (handle to come at the end of the job)
  • Ken Colgan (plumber) installed the toilet
  • ... the shower handle and nozzle and drain cover
  • ... the bathroom sink
  • ... the tub handles and fill spout
  • ... and caulked the tub and toilet
  • There will be no more work until the rain subsides. Wish us luck with rain.

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze door hinge

    Base Molding

    Tiled tub