About Ira

        About Ira:
Birthplace: Queens, New York
Date of Birth: August 29 (yes, we’re both Virgos -- scary!)
Education: Max and Rose Heller Hebrew Academy of North Queens, Young Israel;
Yeshiva of Central Queens;
Yeshiva University High School;
Yeshiva University;
University of Pennsylvania Law School;
Yale University School of Management.
First Job: Computer programming for AIM Software at age 13.
Current job: Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs for a production company.
Hobbies: Watching Television and Using the Computer.
Favorite book: The Yale University School of Management Yearbook, 1994 (Ira's baby).
Favorite TV shows: M*A*S*H, The Simpsons
Favorite Band: Who likes a whole band? No, follow me on this. Pick up a CD of your favorite band. OK, maybe you are some psycho fanatic and everything they do is wonderful; so pick up your second favorite band's CD. Look at it. Come on, some of those songs really stink, don't they? And what are your feelings about the drummer? I mean, to like the entire band and every song they ever make? Unless you are a dead-head, you can't rationally believe that (and even if you are a dead-head, you are just not rational, so this is not meant for you). If pressed, I like Billy Joel's work, but I don't know anything about his band.
Only Colors Hair Hasn’t Been: Not Brown