Wedding Party Pictures



Joelle's Foster Parents
Ira's Parents
  Brenda and Joe Canepa   Elinor and Arnold Goldklang
  Nanette Zupon (Matron of Honor)
Occupation: Attorney, Mom to Zach & Zoe
Home: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Hobbies: Selling antiques, cruising garage sales

Joelle has known Nanette since they were both started Hunter College High School at age 11. Which is a frighteningly long time ago. They’ve shared many wacky adventures together: in France they terrorized people in movie theaters with their smelly thrift store raincoats. They also liked to tell men in bars that they were token booth clerks who couldn’t dance because of broken legs, brain aneurysms,etc. Then there was the time Joelle went to visit Nanette at Rice University-- Nanette found a picture of Joelle in her underwear and posted it in the cafeteria. Joelle and Ira often try to convince Nanette and her husband Jimmy to ditch the kids and go to Vegas for the weekend.
  Rich Buchman (Best Man)
Occupation: Compu-God, Dad to Jordan
Home: Colorado
Hobbies: Being a bum.

Rich was the first person Ira met when Ira was going to be working as a Counselor in Training at the Samuel Field YM-YWHA for the summer of 1983. Rich and Ira both had an interest in the Radio Shack TRS-80 computer. Rich wrote his number on the back of a radio shack catalogue (Ira is pretty sure he still has this somewhere, but is unsure as to which one of them was carrying a Radio Shack catalogue around). Rich, always one step ahead, has been a fantastic friend to Ira over the years.

Having finally abandoned the great state of New York, Rich now lives in Colorado with his wife Sheryl and his new son, Jordan.
  Kathy Takamoto (Maid of Honor)
Occupation: Fashion designer
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Hobbies: Gardening

Kathy was Joelle’s first LA friend. Joelle went to Penn with Kathy’s brother Bryan, who said, "When you get to LA, call my sister. She likes shopping." Since then, Kathy has been responsible for many of Joelle’s shopping sprees. Kathy’s fabulous designs have been featured on magazine covers like Sassy and quite a few can be seen on Joelle. Kathy recruited Joelle and some other friends to live in her apartment building in an attempt to recreate Melrose Place—unfortunately her dreams were dashed when instead of studly hunks, the only guys who moved in were gross old men with parrots.
  David Goldklang
Occupation: Fuels Specialist in the United States Air Force, Dad to Seth
Home: Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany

David is Ira's brother, currently stationed in Germany as part of his tour of duty in the Air Force. Prior to Germany, David spent three years in Japan, where his wife, Norma, gave birth to Seth.

  Tracy Craig - Bridesmaid
Occupation: Attorney
Home: Watertown, MA
Hobbies: Running, playing with her golden retrievers

Tracy and Joelle met in Anthropology class at Penn, in an effort to fulfill the science requirement without having to take an actual science class. Even though they were in different sororities (ooh nooo!) they got to be good friends, even living next door to each other in their off-campus tenements senior year. When they both wound up in New York after graduation, Tracy and Joelle enjoyed all the city had to offer—actually, all the alcohol the city had to offer. Tracy currently lives in Boston, where she’s experiencing the joys of homeownership and dog ownership. NOTE: While Tracy was at Penn, she never met Ira either.
  Solomon Mangolini - Groosman
Occupation: Attorney
Home: Los Angeles, California

Solomon and Ira went to Law School together and more or less have lived in Los Angeles ever since the 1990 graduation. Solomon is an Enforcement Attorney with the S.E.C.
It is difficult to determine whether Solomon has had more jobs, apartments or cars. I believe it is about even. While Solomon has owned his Miata, Saab, and BMW, Ira continued to drive his 1990 Honda Civic, for example.
  [UNKNOWN Sellner]  
  [UNKNOWN] - Bridesmaid
Occupation: [UNKNOWN]
Hobbies: [UNKNOWN]

Joelle’s sister [UNKNOWN] does it all, from running a business to running races. And she still has time to be a devoted Mom to Marissa and Gabrielle. Since they grew up on different coasts, Joelle has enjoyed being able to hang out more with [UNKNOWN] since moving to California.
  Doug Mastroianni.
Occupation: Generally, Attorney - but he has been lazying around Italy for 2 years
Home: Florence, Italy

Doug ... hmmm, how does one describe Doug. [NEXT SENTENCE INTENTIONALLY DELETED]. After serving 9 or so years in various Law Firms around the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Doug decided that he needed to take a year or so off, so he has been living in Italy for the past two years. Oh - don't take investment advice from Doug if you see him ... QCOM at $170 - good move Doug. Anyway, Doug was the first person Ira met in Law School, as he had the room across from Ira in the dorms. His first words to Ira were "Hi, I'm Doug - I have a computer too". He got Ira hooked on L.A. Law, so Ira turned around and got Doug hooked on the computer version of Q*Bert. Doug, being too cool to attend his own Law School graduation, came out to Los Angeles first and remains one of 17 out of 230 to not have signed Ira's yearbook. As the good friend that he is, Doug will be coming back (officially?) from Italy to come to the wedding.
  Sandi Sellner - Bridesmaid
Occupation: Actress
Home: Oxnard, CA
Hobbies: Designing hair accessories, belts, belt buckles and clothing

Joelle’s sister Sandi is a very talented actress, getting her start as Alpha 5 on the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Since then she has appeared in numerous independent films and is always auditioning for something exciting. Like her sister, Sandi enjoys throwing pool parties and, of course, shopping.
  Jeff Erdman - Groomsman
Occupation: Attorney
Home: Los Angeles, California

Ira and Joelle met Jeffrey through Solomon a couple of years ago and have been friends ever since. Jeffrey has is own law practice and is "Of Counsel" in a Los Angeles law firm.

Jeffrey has also been EXTRAORDINARILY helpful by helping Joelle and Ira with the remodeling of their house, setting up the registrys, and taking the cats when Joelle found out that she could not find anyone to keep them when Joelle and Ira were between residences.
  Chris (Meeyoung) Toh - Bridesmaid
Occupation: Management consultant
Home: Evanston, IL
Hobbies: Traveling

Chris and Joelle met freshman year at Penn. When they discovered that they wore the exact same clothing size and shoe size, they decided that becoming roommates was a good way to double their wardrobes. A Chemical Engineering major, Chris never studied at all and got A’s. Was this what literally drove their other roommate insane? We’ll never know. After graduation, Chris lived in the smallest apartment in Boston, then went to Carnegie-Mellon where she picked up an MBA and her husband Brad. While at Penn, Chris also failed to meet Ira.
  Jim Mealey - Groomsman
Occupation: Some kind of sales thing
Home: Wellesley, Massachussetts
Hobbies: Rebuilding houses and Rebuilding cars

Ira met Jim at Yale. Jim had been a federal bank examiner in Iowa prior to going to business school. This left Ira with a conundrum as to which part of that to make fun of at any given time. They both were too damn lazy to have looked for an apartment and wound up in this horrendous graduate student dormatory which was populated by international students whose cultures, let's say, did not revolve around cleanliness or basic courtesy.

While Ira unpacked his stuff in his 10x14 room using the school supplied desk, wire bookcase, and bed frame, Jim furnished his with carpeting, a couch, and built a loft upon which to suspend his bed. The contrast was amazing. Jim and Ira shared a mutual disdain for their fellow differently-cultured residents and, as the few americans to actually be there, bonded. Jim and Ira moved to an off-campus uninsulated attic apartment the next year (for which Jim still does not forgive Ira - his car was vandalized 3 times and none of his furniture would fit up the tight, curved staircase). The apartment was unfurnished and could never actually be heated properly despite the $250 a month heating bill. It also had what turned out to be a squirrel living in its walls that would pop its head out and watch you whenever you went to the lavatory.

Jim now lives in the Boston area and spends his free time remodeling his 4 floor house ... by himself.

  Norma Goldklang and Lisa Goldklang were supposed to walk Ira's Grandmother, Anne Winkler, down the aisle.
Mrs. Winkler passed away on October 5, 2001.
Norma and Lisa will still walk down, in her honor.
  Anne Winkler