The Wedding Party
Information Page
Joelle's Ira's

Foster Parents
  Brenda Canepa
Joe Canepa
  Elinor Goldklang
Arnold Goldklang


  Nanette Zupon (Matron of Honor)
Kathy Takamoto (Maid of Honor)
Tracy Craig
Sandi Sellner
Chris Toh

  Rich Buchman (Best Man)
Jeffrey Erdman
David Goldklang
Solomon Mangolini
Doug Mastroianni
Jim Mealey

It is anticipated that Lisa Goldklang and Norma Goldklang will be walking grandmother, Anne Winkler, down the aisle.

Joelle's Wedding Dress will be a Kathy Takamoto original.
Friar Tux will be handling the Tuxedo rentals.

As of this posting, the wedding is registered. You can go to for submitting your measurements.

Everyone has the same tux/shoes, the groomsmen have a kind of copper/black vest, and the father's have a burgundy/black vest.
The store information is
10546 West Pico Boulevard
Phone: (310) 559-4889
Fax: (310) 559-2934

Measurements are due no later than October 15th. Final Fitting is 3PM-8PM on November 15th at the store.

Choose to have your pickup at the Beverly Hills store on La Cienega Boulevard.
     The rehearsal will be at 3:00PM on Friday, November 16th at the Wedding Location. PLEASE be early.

The rehearsal dinner will be at 5:00 on Friday, November 16th at [Location Withheld] . We have the table from 5-7PM. The restriction on children at the wedding does not apply to the rehearsal dinner. If you are supposed to be there, you will know where it is :)
Bachelorette Party
Bachelor Party
Held in Las Vegas over Columbus Day Weekend, 2001 (October) time frame.
I think just dinner and maybe something after. Since the wedding is Saturday, and the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner is Friday, maybe Thursday night?