Pictures from the Wedding Reception

Anna & Debby

Annette & Craig

LA Love Machine

Brenda, Leanore, Joelle and Nanette

Everybody Conga!

Brenda & Joe

The Canepas

Brent and Sandi

Soon-to-be-weds Bryan & Karen

Bryan, Karen, Annette, Craig & David

Bruce hoping everyone's taping the NBC lineup

Ira's Dad, Uncle Eliot and Larry

Piece of cake

That crazy chair dance

Hora! Hora! Hora!

Chris & Brad

Cortez & Doug


David & Cousin Marnina

Newlyweds Don & Chu

What hangover?

Doug, Solomon, Cortez & Jeffrey

Susan & Dwight put on their Boogie Shoes

Ira's Mom & Carol

The mother-son dance

Kenny Rogers rocks!

Bruce, Doug, Solomon & Jeffrey

Joelle & Team One Creative Director Gabrielle

Gabrielle & Romeo

Irit & Harry

The First Dance

Ira, the Conga King

Married for 1 hour (that's good for LA)

Ira & Michael

Bryan, Caitlin & bubbles

More fun than a Morgan Creek meeting

Dave & Debby dip

A little bubbly

Jonathan & Marni

The High Council


Poetry reader James Peterson

James & Kathy

Jeff & Renee get down

Jeff & Solomon

Have tiara, will travel

Joe and the new newlyweds

Joe & Joelle cut the rug

Joelle shows off her underarm wax

Who's da bride?


Groomsman Jim

Just married

What tall people must feel like

OK, you can put me down now

Can we tour with you guys?

That 70's Wedding

Ira before his haircut

Ira weighs smushing the cake vs. sleeping on the couch

Here comes the bride & groom

1-2-3, 1-2-3

Sue & Scott get Boogie Fever

David & Judith

Kathy "Bubbles" Flier

Maid of Honor Kathy & James

Kathy & Joelle

Kathy wraps with James

Ruth & Lisa

Laura, David, Michelle & Dan

Joelle chats with her sisters

[UNKNOWN] & Sandi

We'd like to order the tongue

Marcia & Aunt Debra

The Zupons

Nanette models her ensemble

Photographer Nino

Nino & Joelle


Norma & David

Norma, Renee & the Davids

New York, New York

Renee holds up the wall

Best Man Rich and David

So that's where all our alcohol went

Ross & Colette

Ruth & Bill

Sandi & Brent

Scott & Tracy

Sharlee & Marcia

Cherri & Kathy