The Proposal

      February, 1999
      Ira and Joelle were at Las Vegas Jewelry Show (courtesy of Ira’s Mom’s friend Carol) where they posed as jewelry store owners to get a good deal. While Ira searched for the rock, Joelle tried on settings for several hours. Finally, the perfect ring was assembled. As Ira put the final masterpiece on Joelle’s finger, she informed him that "here ya go" would not be a proposal she would accept. A disappointed Ira was given back the ring after it was resized.
      The next Saturday night, Joelle returned to Ira’s apartment after attending a seminar. She was shocked to find him wearing a suit jacket on a weekend. She was even more shocked to hear that they had reservations at the Olive Garden—where they had their first date 1 ½ years earlier. Hmmm, you don’t need reservations for the Olive Garden ...
      During dinner, Joelle ate very carefully in case there was a ring hidden in the pasta, and watched for suspicious waiter behavior, but there was none. Then the evening took a bizarre turn—instead of going south on the 405, towards Joelle’s apartment, Ira drove north! Ira kept driving until they reached that part of Mulholland where you can see a panoramic view of the city on one side and the Valley on the other.
   [Joelle's hand trapped under
the weight of the huge rock]
      Ira got down on one knee, hoisted up the ring, and proposed. Joelle had lots of witty retorts ready, but ended up getting all teary and saying yes.