The Cats

Joelle has had Thelma and Louise since they were kittens.

I'm really a
tiger trapped in
a Tabby's body.

Check out my
new collar.

A slightly
better picture.

What happens if
I claw this
inflatable chair?

Hey, you missed
a spot.

Thelma at work.
Thelma after
watching "Arms
of Steel" video.

Kitty Porn.

She's not fat,
she's fluffy.
Thelma and Louise

The girls take a catnap on their favorite couch.

About Thelma and Louise
Full Name: Thelma Jean Sellner

Nickname: TJ, Teege, Fluffy Spice.

Breed: Pastel Calico (or Diluted Calico).

Age: 9.

Fur: Grey, Longhair.

Eyes: Green.

Favorite Things: Eating, getting chin scratches.

Pet Peeves: Fear of bathrooms.

Strange Cat Behavior: Rolls over on her back with her paws in the air -- if you look at her she’ll shift to an even cuter position; making a howling "BA-OOOO" sound when she’s sad.

Most Annoying Cat Behavior: Has learned to open drawers -- uses this power for evil when she dumps out the contents.

Strengths: If you prop her head up, she’ll fall asleep in your lap; extreme fluffiness.

Weaknesses: Eats all of Louise’s food.


Full Name: Louise May Goldklang

Nickname: Weezer, Weezie or Chundi (Sri Lankan for "She Who Attacks for No Reason").

Breed: Tabby.

Age: 9.

Fur: Grey & White, Shorthair.

Eyes: Green.

Favorite Things: Smacking her sister Thelma, chasing toys, tunafish, watching TV, attacking the vet.

Pet Peeves: Having her nails clipped.

Strange Cat Behavior: Occasionally she’ll stand on Thelma’s back and give her a massage.

Most Annoying Cat Behavior: When jumping down from high places she often lands on men’s groins; eats wool.

Strengths: Usually comes when called, can leap from the top of the refrigerator to the floor in a single bound.

Weaknesses: Getting along with other cats, not good at chasing bugs, thinks couch is scratching post.